Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

A successful interview requires careful preparation and thorough research. Do not forget though that the way you communicate, i.e. your tone of voice, the type of language you use and your body language, will make the first impressions. In order to make a first good impression, think of your appearance, show confidence with a good handshake and smile!

What a careful interview preparation includes

An interview is the opportunity you have to stand out, to impress the recruiter and get the job of your dreams. The careful preparation includes 5 simple steps:

  1. self-assessment
  2. research and more research
  3. match your skill set to the position
  4. focus on previous interviews
  5. practice interview questions

The 3 different types of interview you will come across

  • CV based - the interviewer asks you to take them through your CV
  • Competency based - the interviewer explores whether you have the specific competencies for the job
  • Case study based - the interviewer will ask you to go through a particular business scenario

MyperfectCV prepares you through training, technical methods and questions examples for a successful interview. We conduct the required research for the company and the job position that you want, we create a real interview environment for you and we train you through online workshops, mock interviews and phone interviews. After completing the relative form, we contact you to arrange our online meeting through Skype.

Get the right preparation for your upcoming interview

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  • preparation with online workshops
  • mock interviews
  • phone interviews
  • research for the company and the job position
  • email with required resources και relative material
  • online meeting through Skype