Cover Letter Writing

Cover Letter writing

A cover letter introduces yourself to a prospective employer explaining who you are and why you are applying for a specific job position. It is an opportunity to show that you meet the key criteria for the role and demonstrate your communication skills so as to make the employer want to look for more information at your CV and invite you to an interview.

The success key of a cover letter

A smart cover letter is linked directly to the reader’s needs, i.e, what they need to know. To ensure this it is vital that you fully understand:

  • the responsibilities of the role
  • the type of skills and experience they are looking for
  • the details and specific requirements that should be covered in the cover letter as required in the application

How to differentiate your cover letter

The cover letter aims to introduce the reader to your CV, which is attached to the letter. It includes complementary information about you, that it is not presented in your CV and replies to the question ‘Why am I appropriate for this job position?’ So avoid simply repeating parts of your CV!

MyperfectCV creates your cover letter along with your CV to ensure your success. The only thing you have to do is to inform us about the job position that you are interested in and answer the online complementary questions regarding your targets and ambitions. We conduct the required research for the job position and the company you are addressing to and we write your cover letter.

Get the cover letter that complements your CV.

Choose the Cover Letter package to get a cover letter that matches your CV and the job position you like or the Get Ready package that along with your Cover Letter, it provides you with a complete CV, a professional LinkedIn profile and 1 CV revision in case you need to change your CV.

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