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myPerfectCV is not about another automated CV creation platform. Our services are completely customized to your specific needs. Our target is to provide high quality consulting services regarding CV Writing, Cover Letter Writing and Interview Preparation.

The best representation of yourself that will drive you to stand out, to be competitive and succeed in the labor market.

myPerfectCV was born just in 2014. Having as a background bachelor studies in Computer Engineering & Informatics at the University of Patras in Greece and later on an MSc in Management from the Imperial College Business School in London with specialization in Human Resources Development and CV writing methodologies, the idea was soon to come!

In myPerfectCV, we incorporated the best practices and methodologies in CV writing used by Imperial College & big global companies in the consulting field, in which we worked for years.

Up to now, we have developed CVs for executives as well as for employees in all levels of hierarchy in various sectors. The financial sector, human resources management, energy, shipping, telecommunications, IT, healthcare and in the field of public sector tenders.

Within myPerfectCV, we have created CVs for a large number of professionals in education (teachers in kindergarten, high school, music teachers and foreign language teachers), in medicine (doctors, physiotherapists, and speech therapists), in legal services (lawyers, legal advisors), in arts (art curators, museum employees), in sales (salesmen and store managers), in marketing and public relations, in touristic services, in food and dining sector, in engineering (all specializations), in transportation (drivers and transporters), in secretarial support and administration.

From our experience and from what we learned through working and continuous development, the way you present yourself to employers is the most important step towards success! And we help you in this through giving ourselves our best so that you succeed in every new step you make!

Kind Regards,
R. Koukia

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